MAY 2019

The Financial Burden of Lyme Disease Caused This Woman to Take Action / Read Full Article



APRIL 2019

Fundraiser supports efforts to combat Lyme disease as local teen fights illness / Read and Watch Full Video


Wellesley teen’s battle with Lyme disease inspires others to help / Read Full Article



Ride Out Lyme, skiing and snowboarding for a good cause / Read and Watch Full Video


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93.5 NASH FM Morning Show Interview

Ride Out Lyme Ski and Snowboard & Sam’s Spoons Event




JULY 2016

"I worried that I was dying, and the fact that doctors thought I was nuts made it so much worse." / Read Full Article



JULY 2016

"I'm like in my own little alien world because no one understands me."

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MARCH 2015

"I felt so isolated. No one knew what was wrong with me.”



MARCH 2015

"The class was intense and very challenging but it felt so good to be doing something my body was unable to do four years ago." / Read Full Article