Ride Out Lyme was launched in the Spring of 2015 by friends and avid SoulCyclists Brandi Dean and Jill Fulginite. After spending many years recovering from debilitating symptoms due to tick-borne illness, Brandi took her very first SoulCycle class after the urging from her friend, Jill. Although physically challenging, Brandi left the class in tears because she had finally done something she was physically unable to do for years. Brandi and Jill were inspired and decided to have their first "charity ride" to benefit the many patients living with Lyme disease and Ride Out Lyme was born.

From the time of Ride Out Lyme's inception to now, over $450,000 has been raised with funds providing treatment, wellness and support programs for Lyme patients and their caregivers. Ride Out Lyme's mission is focused on raising funds for patients affected by Tick-Borne Illness by creating and fostering collaborative partnerships with philanthropic organizations in the Lyme community. Ride Out Lyme's philanthropic approach is centered around empowerment and hope - partnering with SoulCycle to host Charity "rides".  2018 was the just the beginning of our expansion into new cities - raising awareness and funds for patients - with our first "ride" in NYC and in Palo Alto, La Jolla, Santa Monica and Denver in 20195